Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 on the Tenth of November...

Just thought I would mention 10 (alright more than 10) subgroups you can join to further your experience here while your Significant Other is at DMU!
Also if you see this before the meeting tonight...we are meeting in the CPMS classroom right by the bookstore at 6:30pm!
So here are the subgroups along with the leaders...if you would like more info please leave a comment and we will get back to you.
1) Men's Club -- Michael Drnec
2) After 5 -- Michael Drnec
3) Tennis Club -- Michael Drnec
4) Book Club -- Natalie Palmer
5) Knitting Club -- Sandy Kavanagh
6) Day Trippers -- Sandy Kavanagh
7) Playgroup -- Stephanie Peterson
8) Intramurals -- Chelsea Swanson
9) Cooking Club -- Darcie Bubloz
10) Game Night -- Megan Simonson
11) Fantasy Sports -- Katrina Rapp
12) Photography Club -- Katrina Rapp
13 Craft Club -- Christia Palizzi

See I told you there were more than 10! You can easily join one today at the meeting! I believe that we are actually going to have some more talking about what our different sub-groups have to offer today.