Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shopping bag fundraiser

We've been running a fundraiser, selling these excellent bags that one of our board members found that can take the place of all your reusable grocery bags that you might get at the local Hyvee or Dahls. Perhaps you've seen a commercial for these? What makes these bags excellent is that you only need 2 of them to fill your cart, they clip on to the side of the cart so they don't move, and they fold up into a small size for easy stowing in your car for your next trip to the store! One of our members tried them out, and they were the envy of the grocery store. These are of higher quality material than the typical reusable bag, therefore you should get more duration out them.

These feature a nice DMU SOS logo, and the proceeds go directly to the SOS organization to help us fund activities for the members. You might have seen us selling them on campus. Well because of the holiday, we have had to take this offline. But if you would still like a bag or 2, then please feel free to contact Sandy Kavanagh between December 18th - January 4th at or (515) 270-8377. The prices are $10 each, or $6.50 for DMU SOS paid members.

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