Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gateway to the West

Ok, perhaps my themes are quite one sided lately. Yes, it is cold outside now, so all we can think about is the warmth. I know many of you are from warmer climates, so I‟m trying to help you make it through the long Des Moines winter. Just 5 hours to the southeast of us is St Louis, MO. I never would have thought 5 hours would make such a climactic difference, but it sure does. They don't seem to get nearly as much snow or cold weather as Des Moines. So if you are looking for a good escape some weekend, this is a good option. Being a much larger town, it has much more to offer than Des Moines, and also has a few more dangers (so please be careful there!). They have world class museums: Contemporary Art Museum, Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. They have amazing architecture like the Cathedral Basilica and the Gateway Arch. They have interestingly unique items like the City Museum, which is a museum made from recycle garbage that allows adults to crawl through life sized art like your 5 year old would. It has more concert, play, and opera offerings than we typically enjoy here. Anheuser-Busch is based there, and you can tour the factory or visit the world-famous Clydesdales. There's much to do, too much too list, so just google it and go have fun. Just keep this in mind: Average high in Des Moines for January is 29 degrees, while in St Louis that average is 38 degrees!

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