Thursday, December 23, 2010

Feed the Students - December

December was a busy month for everyone, as it is the time of shopping and holiday cooking. We took advantage of that last part by hosting our 2nd Feed the Students event for the end of the semester exams.

This was on the Thursday just before the break, and the 1st years were about to take their final anatomy exam and others. It was a pretty hectic schedule for everyone, but many of our SOS members found time to make a quick dish and help serve any students at DMU that evening. We only advertised by word of mouth, but we fed over 100 students that night.

It’s a great feeling to give a meal to a hungry student who doesn’t have time to feed himself. We had a lot of very grateful students that night, and I heard a lot of Thank You’s. I also want to extend a thank you to everyone who helped that night. People made food, helped setup and serve, and ultimately cleanup after the event was over.

These Feed the Student events have been wildly successful and satisfying, so we plan on continuing them. Next time, we’ve already decided we’ll do a huge spaghetti dinner! There’s nothing like a carb feast right before an exam! Tell your student!

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